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GEMS Alumni

Staying Connected with GEMS Alumni

Claire O’Neill – Manager, Alumi Relations shares the latest information about the brand new GEMS Alumni application Download the app now When students graduate from GEMS, they enter the big world of business, whether their paths lead them to university, employment, travel, a gap year or a combination of any of these. GEMS Alumni go…

Secret lives

A brief peek into our colleagues’ interests and hobbies outside school During the summer, my daughter and her husband, who are avid birders, convinced me to join them in birdwatching. My home in Kerala is surrounded by trees and a variety of birds. On my first day, it was a pleasure to observe five birds…

Karim Murcia

Meet the Principal

We chat to Karim Murcia, the new principal at GEMS Al Barsha National School for Boys Tell us about your background?My career began in 2004, in an outstanding school in London. I was fortunate to gain a Master’s in Teaching from the Institute of Education during this time. I continued my career as Head of…

Encouraging Creativity

Rajakumar Rajagopalan Achari, Art Teacher, GEMS United Indian School, talks about following in his father’s foots‌teps and encouraging his s‌tudents to flourish.

Safe Travels

We caught up with Steve Burnell, Managing Director – School Transport Services (STS), to learn more about the safety measures that have been implemented in school buses as well as an educational programme being promoted by the company.