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A Peek into our Colleagues’ Interests and Hobbies Outside School

What do the GEMS teachers and staff members get up to when they’re away from work? Read on to find out I teach art and design at Westminster School, Dubai. In my spare time I combine my love for art and accessories and design hand-painted handbags, laptop bags, iPad covers and other fashion accessories. It gives me immense joy to see my art used in everyday life. I specialise in paintings inspired by the masters Van Gogh and Claude Monet, who are my favorite artists. Rukhsana Chowdhary, Westminster School Dubai I can recall distinctly the first trip I took with…

Encouraging Creativity

Rajakumar Rajagopalan Achari, Art Teacher, GEMS United Indian School, talks about following in his father’s foots‌teps and encouraging his s‌tudents to flourish.