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Head first

Twenty GEMS staff completed a two-day mental health first aid training course last November

Ameda Mascarenhas with her students

Accelerated Success

One trainee teacher from India has assumed a leadership role after only four years Back in 2015, Michael Guzder, Vice President—Education, recruited trainee teachers from colleges in India. Our Own English High School, Dubai (OOD) was chosen as one of the schools to place these teachers for training. Ameda Mascarenhas was one of three trainee…

Ian Plant (Head of Secondary) with three Year 12 GFS students

Stand Out from the Crowd

How the IPQ offers students an alternative route to A Levels On 7 October, Dr Emma Thompson visited Dubai, presenting her research on the value of project-based qualifications. From the University of Southampton, Dr Thompson shared her research on the value of extended project qualifications to students and universities. She drew on her collaborative research…

World-first in climate change for GEMS

World-first in Climate Change Teaching for GEMS

GEMS The Kindergarten Starters has 300 climate change teachers, including the first Arabic teachers in the world to qualify GEMS Education celebrates the first school in the world to become fully UN Climate Change certified, with 30 senior leaders and all 300 teaching staff, led by Principal Asha Alexander to lead as Climate Change Teachers,…

The Global Summit

Mentoring the Next Generation of Inventors

Three teachers tell us how they helped to put their students on the path to success at the Global Innovation Challenge The Global Innovation Challenge (GIC), run by GEMS Education, invites GEMS students from around the world to submit ideas that will leverage exponential technologies. The GIC is one of the world’s largest youth engagement…

There From The Beginning

Sam Pousafar stepped into Rhonda Lakin’s class as a KG pupil and years later he asked her to introduce him when he did his valedictorian speech. We chat to them about their strong student-teacher relationship.

Survival Of The Fittest

Sir Christopher Stone, Global Chief Education Officer, GEMS Education, shares his thoughts on living in a time of rapid change and how it is imperative we adapt in order to keep up.

School Of Rock

Four teachers from GEMS Founders School – Al Mizhar discovered their mutual love of music, so forming a band was the next logical step. On the surface it wouldn’t seem like Head of Year 4 Cillian Gavin, Data Manager Julius Sequeira, Music Teacher Aashish Valsalen, and PE teacher Jehu Arroz have a lot in common.…

Ruck And Roll

Matthew Richards, Director of Rugby at Jumeirah College, discusses playing international rugby and how that experience makes him a better teacher.

One Year In – My GEMS Journey

We chat to Abigail McPherson, Elementary Physical Education Head of Department and Teacher at GEMS Dubai American Academy, who will help onboard the new teachers joining GEMS Education this year, a position she was in only a year ago.

One Year On

I think that’s our moral responsibility as
educators to make sure we don’t fail any single child, and no matter their challenges they have a pathway where they will succeed

Good Apples

We speak with three GEMS Dubai American Academy teachers who have been accepted to the Apple Distinguished Educators (ADE) Class of 2019.

Spanish Made Easier

Kasturi Anil Bagwe, Secondary Spanish Teacher, GEMS American Academy — Abu Dhabi can now add published author to her list of achievements.