Strengthen the building blocks

The purpose of Technology Disruption Office is to challenge the “status quo” by disrupting from within to create agile, scalable and future-ready technology capabilities for the education needs of today and tomorrow Atechnology disruption roadmap is being executed in a phased manner over the next three years – Fix the Fundamentals (FY18-19), Strengthen the Building Blocks (FY19-20) and Accelerate Disruption (FY20-21). Our FY18-19 initiatives have … Continue reading Strengthen the building blocks

Innovation Team of the Year

GEMS Technology in the news

Enterprise Transformation Summit & Awards Technology Infrastructure Team’s efforts in consolidation & standardisation efforts was recognised as “Innovation Team of the Year 2019” GEMS CONNECT 1.1The latest upgrade is here! As you all know, we launched our GEMS Connect mobile app in June. Following positive feedback from the parent community, we have introduced a number of new features designed to improve ease of use and … Continue reading GEMS Technology in the news

The Technology Disruption Journey

Today’s digital world has revolutionised our lives – from how we communicate, travel, shop and bank through to how we access and receive healthcare. In short, the way we live has been positively disrupted. The education industry is also being disrupted by forces from multiple directions – technology giants are getting deeper into education and other competitive schools are joining the race. The technology disruption … Continue reading The Technology Disruption Journey