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Staying Connected with GEMS Alumni

Claire O’Neill – Manager, Alumi Relations shares the latest information about the brand new GEMS Alumni application Download the app now When students graduate from GEMS, they enter the big world of business, whether their paths lead them to university, employment, travel, a gap year or a combination of any of these. GEMS Alumni go…

A Peek into the Lives of SSC Staff Outside of Work

I have been growing herbs on my flat’s huge balcony since 2015. I have an aquaponics garden with Red Tilapia and I have grown mint, lettuce, chillies, basil, rosemary, Ajwain, lemon balm, and spinach. – Ahmad Bhatti, Sourcing Manager — Schools I like to be occupied, so during my free time, I love to play the piano, go for horse riding in the desert (by night under the full moon is the best), release my stress with boxing and yoga, and do dune bashing in the desert. I love to learn ASL (American Sign language). – Sophie Gernigon, Manager —…

At the Movies

Aladdin UAE release date: 23 May 2019 Starring: Marwan Kenzari, Billy Magnussen, Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott, Nasim Pedrad, Navid Negahban, Will Smith Disney’s latest live-action remake, filmed in Jordan, tells the story of a street urchin who finds a lamp with a genie inside. He uses the lamp to turn himself into a prince in…

Get Reading

NEW ON THE SHELVES                 Will AI Replace Us? – Shelly Fan This well-balanced, comprehensive and engaging review surveys the development of Artificial Intelligence over the last 60 years and highlights the likely transformative effects of AI on society over the next few decades. Available from: Virgin Megastore…

Quality Assurance Programme

The Quality Assurance Programme is a new initiative being piloted in some of our schools. The aim of the programme is to provide more regular and consistent communication to parents so that we can better understand their needs and identify issues early. We already give GEMS Education students a personalised learning experience and we want…

All That Jazz

David Holland, Secondary School Music Director at GEMS American Academy — Abu Dhabi, discusses opening for Alicia Keys, his love of music, both in and out the classroom, and how it lends itself to a greater work-life balance.

Breaking the Cycle of Bullying

Elena Aldridge, Director of Positive Education and Counsellor, GEMS World Academy Dubai lays out some of the steps the school has taken to address the issue of bullying.

Walk, don’t run

Paul Slater, Vice President — Health, Safety and Environment at GEMS Education says prevention is necessary, but schools should also be ready to handle unforeseen circumstances.

Parent Engagement

When it comes to parental engagement in our schools: whilst we should continue to utilise the latest technologies to great effect for ongoing regular contact and progress updates, there can be no substitute for the value of face-to-face communication. We asked Jodh Singh Dhesi, Head of School Performance and Standards, for his thoughts… In one…