Get your school on the ‘Best Schools in Dubai’ list

Which School Advisor (WSA) is one of the most popular school websites in the UAE. The site receives 3 million page views annually, with half of all visitors to the site actively looking for a school place.

One of the popular search pages is the ‘Best Schools in Dubai’ list (what else would you type into Google if you were looking for a school in Dubai?), but at the time of writing only 17 of our 28 Dubai-based schools are on the list. So, we’re on a mission to get all our schools rated, and ensure they maintain their rank!

Special congratulations to GEMS Royal Dubai School, which is currently our highest ranked school at number 13, but we know every one of our schools deserves to be included in the list.

To be rated, a school simply needs a sufficient number of parent surveys to be completed. And with a bit of encouragement, we’re sure your families will find the process easy.

School rankings based on survey responses are updated every Sunday, so any school has it in their power to drive up their position and overtake the current leaders. Let’s work together to get GEMS schools to the top of the board – which is where we should be!

Here are some tips to help your rankings soar:

  1. Get all your staff-parents to take the survey.
    If you’re reading this and you have kids in a GEMS school, you are the perfect candidate to kick off and start upping the scores. Please complete the survey and then get your partner/spouse to fill it in, too. Got kids in two schools? Even better: you can complete the survey for both. Every completed survey takes the school’s ranking up a notch.

  2. Send in the champions
    Our schools have just completed their NPS parent surveys, so you know who your champions and promoters are. Why not send them a thank you note and ask them to share their positive sentiments about the school through the Which School Advisor Parent Survey and help the school get the positive rating it deserves?
  3. Send the survey to parents even if they’ve completed it before
    Consider making the survey a permanent part of your school’s parent newsletters and updates. Just remember, though, that it’s positive, glowing reviews we’re after!
  4. Maintain momentum
    It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Remember, the ratings are refreshed weekly and a school’s rise and fall depends on the number of surveys received. We want our schools to get rated and stay up there, so we need to continually remind parents to complete the survey.

Check your school’s position here: