GEMS Alumni: Where did your school finish on the sign-up chart?

With immense support and dedication from the schools, OOD, GMS and MTS were able to join the top of the league table with 100% of their seniors registered on the GEMS Alumni platform.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have witnessed schools pushing boundaries and jumping through all sorts of hoops to register as many of their seniors as they can. And many schools have stood out in the strides they have made. 

Even though they did not make the list this week, a big congratulations also goes to CIS, whose team, through their systematic efforts, onboarded 73% of their graduates in just a few days.

As we wrap up the academic year, our Alumni Coordinator, Tara Haddad, and the whole team extend their gratitude for all your support on this campaign, and wish you a relaxing summer holiday.