GEMS Education moves to become the first school group in the world to partner with safer social media platform GoBubble

This exciting new agreement not only aims to make the digital world safer for our students, but it will also involve GEMS teachers and students as they create exclusive UAE-focused content that will eventually be shared with schools in 70 countries worldwide.

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), announced on UN Anti-Bullying Day on 4 May, marks the initial step in the first ever content partnership between GoBubble and a school group. GoBubbleSchool offers a safer alternative to mainstream social media by checking all content (chat, video, photos) before it appears on the platform. It ensures easy communication between students and teachers, and rewards likes given as opposed to likes received.

This pioneering strategic agreement between GEMS Education and UK-based GoBubble aims to help educate and empower student voice not only in GEMS schools, but also across the UAE and eventually globally through the GoBubbleSchool network. GoBubble is currently used in schools in 70 countries worldwide.

The collaboration is expected to include the co-creation of content and guidelines that are specific and relevant to the Middle East region and which are not currently available on the platform. For example, GEMS senior staff and IT leads may develop content relating to UAE cyber law. The content would initially be available to GEMS schools, before being made accessible more widely. This is the first time that GoBubble has partnered with a school group in this way.

Some of you may already be familiar with GoBubble, as the platform is being used in some schools and they have already collaborated with GEMS Education to pilot the eCadets programme at GEMS FirstPoint School – The Villa (FPS). The eCadets programme coaches students to be online safety experts, sharing their acquired expertise with their peers.

Sara Hedger, Vice President – Safeguarding and Child Protection at GEMS, said: “Across the UAE and globally, there is an increasing emphasis and pressure on schools and the wider community to protect children online. We’re proud to be leading the way in keeping not just GEMS schools digitally safe, but also helping other schools to support and educate the whole community – children, teachers and parents.”

Henry Platten, GoBubble CEO and a former Cheshire police segeant in the UK, has already benefitted more than a million children by educating them in digital citizenship through the multi-award-winning eCadets and GoBubbleSchool, said: “We care greatly about making the internet safer for children. By partnering with GEMS we’re honoured to bring our digital citizenship solution to benefit even more young lives. It will see the students receive up-to-date training and activities, to help them train their friends to be safer online.”

To support the launch, in the first week of June, GEMS will be leading a call for students all over the world on GoBubbleSchool, to spread positivity by showing online hate the ‘Blue Card’. As part of this campaign, children will be sharing photos depicting a blue card and creating their school charter for being positive online.