Care to share

The world has been rocked by the news and tragic scenes of the overwhelming surge in COVID–19 cases in India, and with so many of our families, friends and colleagues directly or indirectly impacted it’s bound to take an emotional toll. If you’re experiencing difficulties, the GEMS Care to Share programme is here to help.

Read on to find out how Care to Share can support you through an emotionally challenging time and learn how to support yourself and others during a crisis.

GEMS Care to Share was created last year during the stay-at-home order to meet the wellbeing needs of employees adjusting to the challenges that came with the impact of the pandemic and remote working. The confidential service is run by a team of trained-volunteers and is still ongoing and available to any GEMS employee that needs it.

The GEMS Care to share survey is sent to all staff via email on Monday mornings. The survey is voluntary, and all you have to do is complete the two-minute survey expressing how you feel. Should you respond stating that you feel ‘Extra Stormy’ i.e. extremely low and struggling to cope, a trained Listening Volunteer will contact you to understand more about your specific situation. These conversations, depending on your level of concern, will be actioned by either an accredited Mental Health First Aider, or a Listening Practitioner who is a GEMS School Counsellor. All conversations will be wholly private and confidential.

During this time, where some staff may be experiencing renewed trauma, grief or crises, it is important to get help and not struggle on your own.

Our feelings and emotional state never stay static and these regular short surveys are part of GEMS’ continuous efforts to provide wellbeing support to all staff. This channel creates the space for supportive conversations on matters related to COVID-19, job-related stresses, work-life balance and more.

If you’re currently experiencing grief or crisis, here are some tips from Lighthouse Arabia on how you can support someone that’s experiencing recent loss or grief.

  1. Check in with yourself first – recognise and acknowledge your feelings first before you check in with someone else
  2. Normalise the feelings that come up (there is no right or wrong way to feel when you lose someone)
  3. If they want to talk about their loss – validate their feelings and be curious about the person who passed
  4. Check in again with that person after some time