Are you top of the Alumni charts?

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks for the alumni programme as you’ve set out to register your graduating cohort onto the platform. We’re pleased to say that we’ve seen the numbers continue to climb week after week, and we were all holding our breaths to see which school would come out on top.

And the results are in …

GEMS FirstPoint School leads the way having signed up 100% of its graduating seniors

Congratulations to FPS and WSD, who within a short span have managed to secure their spot at the top of the table with 100% of their graduating seniors registered on the platform.

We’re still a long way from reaching our goal, but we know that each and every one of you is capable of the challenge ahead. Will your school make it onto the board next week?

If you want more information on the Alumni Programme or want to discuss how you can better engage your graduating students, please contact Tara Haddad at

Be sure to check the next edition of GEMS in 10 to find out where your school placed.