Three reasons why your graduating seniors need to join our Alumni Programme

The programme isn’t just about the GEMS Alumni app – it’s a gateway to future prospects, explains GEMS Alumni Relations Coordinator Tara Haddad

The GEMS Alumni Programme embodies our lifelong commitment to our students. Its aim is to connect and support the global community of GEMS alumni. With a legacy of over 60 years in the Middle East, GEMS Education’s alumni include CEOs, celebrities, scientists who are driving humanity forward, and writers who are moving the world with their words.

Whatever path our students choose after school, and wherever they may be in the world, the programme will enable them to connect with likeminded former GEMS students .

So, if that isn’t reason enough for you to encourage your cohort of school-leavers to download the GEMS Alumni app, here are three more reasons why they can’t leave school without downloading it:

  1. They get access to the global network of GEMS alumni. And given that most people land their dream jobs because they know someone who knows someone, this is a major plus! The app not only enables alumni to connect, but it’s also a potential gateway to their next job, business partner or even flat-mate at uni.

  2. They can engage with fellow GEMS alums, hear their experiences and benefit from their insights on different topics through webinars and virtual meet-ups. Topics range from entrepreneurship, finance, medicine and law, to filmmaking, creative arts and sports. Our GEMS alumni have left no professional stone unturned.  

  3. They have the chance to be part of GEMS alumni chapters around the world and at some of the world’s top universities. The cohort of 2021 alone stands at 4,176 graduating seniors, many of whose futures are headed in similar directions. Wouldn’t it be more exciting to embark on this journey with someone from ‘home’?

We’re working on giving our alumni even more reasons to join: mentoring programmes, internships and placements, discounts on certain brands and experiences, and so much more. We want to ensure all our students get full access to these benefits and leave school knowing that they’re already part of a great support network that can open doors for them.

If your students haven’t yet met with Tara, our GEMS Alumni Relations Coordinator, be sure to schedule a meeting and make it happen. You can reach Tara at

Will your school be the first one to have 100% of the graduating seniors registered on the app?
We’ll be publishing the leader board in the next edition…