Revealed! Battle of the Waistbands winner

In the very first edition on GEMS in 10 we shared with you the news of a fun challenge between a parent and principal. Matt Tompkins, Principal GEMS First Point – The Villa, and parent Bader Obeidat dared to see who could be the biggest loser and trim the most weight following the festive season’s excesses.

After four weeks of sweat, scales, and squats the results are in.

We can confirm that Bader Obeidat is the winner!

Biggest loser: Bader Obeidat wins the weight-loss battle

Just pipping Matt to the post, by shedding an impressive 9% body weight, to Matt’s 6.2%

Bader, who credits his weight-loss success to a diet of dates and fat-free yoghurt, said: “It was amazing to be involved in this friendly competition. I feel great, and I feel great that I won against Principal Matt Tompkins!”

Both contenders worked hard to trim down and even though Matt didn’t win, he remains committed to staying active. “Congratulations to Bader for winning the ‘Battle of the Waistbands’.  Losing over 9% of his body weight in one month is an incredible achievement and puts my own 6.2% loss to shame. We both worked very hard to lose weight and I concede with grace.
I am looking forward to taking Bader out to a well-earned dinner in the near future.’