Battle of the Waistbands

A parent at GEMS FirstPoint School has thrown down the gauntlet and challenged Principal Matt Tompkins to a unique competition – to see who can lose the most weight! 

#TeamMatt or #TeamBader, there can only be one winner! Who will be the biggest loser?

What started as friendly banter at the school gates has turned into a slimming showdown, with Matt Tompkins, Principal of GEMS FirstPoint, and FPS parent Bader Obeidat both taking to the scales for a “Battle of the Waistbands” weight loss challenge. 

Matt says it all began with a casual post-winter break catch up: “I talk to Bader every day when he drops off and picks up his children in Years 1 and 3. We talk about a lot of things, including the school, sport and the news. At the beginning of this term, we were both talking about the fact that we had both over-indulged during the festive period and that we had both made New Year resolutions to lose weight. At this point Bader was keen to add a bit of competition – both he and I respond well to competition – so he challenged me to see who could lose the most weight over the next four weeks. And I gladly accepted the challenge!”

The competition began on 7 January with a weigh-in, and after one week Bader is slightly ahead, having lost 3.3kg compared to Matt’s 2.8kg. But with three weeks to go, there is still all to play for!

“I wanted to lose weight but wouldn’t have bothered doing it on my own,” says Bader. “I want to be healthier so this competition is motivating me; winning it will just be a bonus! More importantly, I feel great. I’ve been out cycling and walking. My diet has consisted of dates and non-fat milk which seems to be doing the trick.”

Matt, however, may have one key advantage over his competitor – access to a whole school-full of facilities. He intends to take a seat in food technology classes to learn about nutrition, as well as doing push-ups in PE classes to burn calories.

Matt says his reasons for taking on the challenge are not just about getting into shape now, but being fitter for the future. “I want to be able to walk the school every day without getting out of breath, and one day I would like to be fit enough to go on bike rides with my grandchildren and play sport with them in the garden. It’s all good fun, but with serious implications. I hope our challenge inspires the whole school community and more to focus on living a healthier lifestyle.”

The winner of the competition will win not only bragging rights, but also a fancy (healthy) dinner paid for by the loser. 

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