Strengthen the building blocks

The purpose of Technology Disruption Office is to challenge the “status quo” by disrupting from within to create agile, scalable and future-ready technology capabilities for the education needs of today and tomorrow

Atechnology disruption roadmap is being executed in a phased manner over the next three years – Fix the Fundamentals (FY18-19), Strengthen the Building Blocks (FY19-20) and Accelerate Disruption (FY20-21). Our FY18-19 initiatives have been successfully completed resulting in a huge increase in customer experience, process efficiencies, cost optimisation, standardisation and control improvements.We are now in the next phase: Strengthen the Building Blocks.

We are now in the next phase: Strengthen the Building Blocks. GEMS Education’s Target Technology state (below) aims to –

  • Enhance end-to-end customer journeys by offering increased digital offerings
  • Enhance teaching and learning offerings and strengthen the education system for future needs
  • Build our own software intellectual property
  • Harness the power of data for better analytics, faster decision making and greater competitive intelligence
  • Build schools of the future using disruptive technologies
  • Drive operational excellence through streamlined, integrated and fully-automated processes.
  1. GEMS TV
  2. GEMS Garage
  3. Data driven insights
  4. Secured data & IT assets
  5. Phoenix Classroom
  6. Anytime, Anywhere Learning
  7. Seamless Customer Experience & Engagement
  8. Enhanced Customer Journey
  9. Digital Distribution App
  10. Connected Campuses
  11. IP Rights
  12. Process Engineering & Automation
  13. Disruption Lab

GEMS technology in
the news

Mobile Excellence Awards, NextStep 2019
GEMS Connect mobile app won the ‘Mobile Excellence Award’ at the largest Low-Code event in the world called NextStep in Amsterdam.
Hamdan Bin Mohammed Award for Innovation In Project Management 2019
GEMS Education’s nomination in agile software program methodology was selected among the top three finalists, out of 93 global entries, in the prestigious Hamdan Bin Mohammed Award for Innovation In Project Management 2019.

GEMS Garage

As part of driving technology consolidation and standardisation initiatives, the GEMS technology team has developed GEMS Garage, our own digital marketplace, as part of a wider Green GEMS initiative.

One of the strategic focus areas this year is to ensure maximum utilisation of our existing IT assets while fulfilling additional needs where required. GEMS Garage will enable us to re-purpose technology assets between schools at book value thus increasing asset utilisation and avoiding additional spend.

Key product features
Through this digital re-purposing platform, GEMS Schools will be able to:

  • View re-usable technology assets, reducing ICT Engineers’ time to locate assets for their schools
  • Avoid spend on new assets by re-utilising / transferring existing IT equipment at book value
  • Automate the manual asset disposal process to a workflow-based approval process
  • Establish a proper asset audit track trail for technology disposal and asset transfer

Who has access to GEMS Garage?

  1. Currently all staff members have a “view only” access
  2. School ICT Engineers are provided access to raise requests for IT asset transfer / disposal
  3. For asset transfer, approval access is provided to: Schools Accounts Officers, MSOs and Principals
  4. For disposal / approval access is provided to: Schools Accounts Officers, MSOs and Principals, SSC IT, Finance, Internal Audit, VP-Treasury of Schools and CFO

What’s coming next?

Future releases will include the capability to;

  • Re-purpose non-technology assets such as furniture, white goods etc
  • Give staff the option to buy used devices after the bidding process
  • Connect to external entities for better pricing options and student and teacher discounts