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Ramp up your health and fitness in 2020 with these discounts available through the GEMS Rewards App


A freestyle multi-activity playground with wall-to-wall trampolines. Rebound exercise (trampolining) delivers these health benefits;

• Coordination and agility: increases body and spatial awareness, balance and coordination
• Low-impact exercise: provides an all-round workout while reducing the risk of injury to the joints
• Muscle toning: helps to improve posture and general muscle health
• Improved health: helps to increase metabolic rate and
its ability to burn calories more efficiently
• Improved bone density: can help to reduce the risk of bone conditions. The trampoline bed absorbs the majority of the impact, so bones and joints are protected whilst exercising
• Stress relief: releases endorphins to help combat depression and anxiety.

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Members can avail of a 30 per cent discount on Bounce sessions plus savings on the Gift of Flight Offers for a limited time, where you can save the most with multi-visit passes.


Healthy Shack facilitates tailored meal plans to help clients maintain a healthier lifestyle. These three packages are available:

  1. Bulking package: for clients who want to build and gain muscle while working out. The package contains all the essential protein and carbs needed for effective results
  2. Wellness package: for clients who want to maintain their current body shape. It contains all the essential protein and carb levels to keep you just in shape
  3. Cutting package: designed for clients who want to lose weight, containing essential amounts of protein for results.

A 15 per cent discount is available for GEMS Rewards members.


Dubai’s most affordable gym calls itself ‘the people’s gym’. Operating out of the largest gym facility in Dubai, Gymnation offers more than 500 pieces of Matrix gym equipment and 200 classes per month for FREE. Gymnation also offers virtual, on-demand classes so members can complete a class any time of the day in a virtual studio. Gymnation is open 24/7 and is perfect for those who work unconventional hours or enjoy training at night.

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Dhs175 per month with no joining fee on a yearly contract for GEMS Rewards members, including access to more than 200 FREE classes and 500 pieces of world-class equipment. The gym is open 24/7.


Heat Circuits is one of the most effective group class exercises.
The one-hour workout targets the whole body. Here are some tips from Heat Circuits for staying fit and healthy this year:

  1. Water: often without even realising, you may be dropping your water intake. This could be because you’re busy, out and about and drinking other fluids instead. Water is essential and sometimes when we’re thirsty and dehydrated, we confuse it with hunger. Try to drink two litres of water per day
  2. Keep on track: don’t skip workouts if you can but if you do, try to incorporate a walk with a friend instead or add some short HIIT training into your week instead
  3. Remember your goals: remember your why. Make sure you are not doing anything just to please others or because it’s socially expected.

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  • Membership: pay for one month and get the second month free (Dhs800 monthly)
  • Mission 6: this six week transformation programme includes meal plans, unlimited classes and a nutrition coach to check daily food intake (Dhs1200 for six weeks)
  • Ladies can avail of a buy one, get one free (Dhs50 per class)
  • One free week for a newbie