The Technology Disruption Journey

Today’s digital world has revolutionised our lives – from how we communicate, travel, shop and bank through to how we access and
receive healthcare.

In short, the way we live has been positively disrupted. The education industry is also being disrupted by forces from multiple directions – technology giants are getting deeper into education and other competitive schools are joining the race.

The technology disruption journey at GEMS Education is aimed at challenging the status quo by disrupting from within to create agile, scalable and future-ready technology capabilities for the education needs of tomorrow.

These initiatives are being executed under six strategic themes;
i) Customer experience and engagement
ii) GEMS IP and Ed Innovation
iii) Data and analytics
iv) Process engineering and automation (PEAT)
v) Consolidation and standardization AND
vi) Information security.

This technology disruption roadmap is being executed in a phased manner planned over the next three years: Fix the Fundamentals 2018-2019, Strengthen the Building Blocks 2019-2020 and Accelerate Disruption 2020-2021.

Fix the Fundamentals (FY18/19)

  • Create end to end customer journey by establishing Enterprise Mobility Platform with increased digital offerings
  • Initiate Education App Rationalisation Exercise, build unified app store for education related apps
  • Revamp Intranet Portal for enhanced collaboration & engagement
  • Kick off GEMS IP journey; revamp Parent Portal
  • Launch advanced School Management System (SMS)
  • Build in-house digital VLEs to reduce dependency on third parties
  • Establish GEMS Data Hub for better analytics, faster decision making and greater competitive intelligence
  • Strengthen BI/MIS and reporting capabilities
  • Establish system driven financial consolidation & reporting routines
  • Drive operational excellence through streamlined, integrated and fully-automated processes
  • Kick off Enterprise wide consolidation & standardisation of application stack/infrastructure
  • Improve the overall Information Security posture against security risks; initiate Data Protection Program & enhance end user awareness

Strengthen the Building Blocks (FY19/20)

  • Implement purpose-fit disruptive technologies such as AI / Machine Learning, biometrics etc. for enhanced learning experience
  • Continue GEMS IP journey by building Universal VLE, cater to other curricula requirements for enhanced value proposition
  • Build on Enterprise Mobility Platform by developing dedicated apps for student & teachers, service entities integration etc.
  • Extend GEMS Data Hub to Finance, HR, Procurement and Audit universe
  • Enhance Education CRM (Phoenix Pulse) functionality and implement across all schools
  • Drive operational excellence through process engineering and automation
  • Implement Web Customer Engagement Analytics to enhance customer engagement and retention
  • Fortify Information Security posture by implementing initiatives such as Data Leakage Prevention, Mobile Device Management etc.
  • Implement GEMS Garage, our own digital assets re-purpose platform
  • Collaborate with industry giants and EdTech players to create an ecosystem serving the needs of education of tomorrow
  • Implement Technology Consolidation initiatives such as Cloudification, SD-WAN, IP Telephony enhancements
  • Create Disruption Lab to act as testbed for latest advancements

Accelerate Disruption (FY20/21)

  • Enhance digital experience through Blockchain based credentials mgmt., establish Digital Knowledge Platforms; implement SMART ID, Contact Center enhancements & Virtual
  • Parent Interaction
  • Implement Phoenix in all GEMS schools as the standard SMS; develop GEMS CRM, Sports & Activities Mgmt., strengthen cloud offerings & pilot Phoenix Go-to-Market
  • Build on Ed Tech initiatives, initiate AR/ VR implementation, Gamification, Avatar Teachers, Advanced Adaptive Learning Engine
  • Create One App – Virtual School Platform for anytime, anywhere learning experience
  • Develop real time decision making with advanced capabilities for predictive analytics, student behaviour analytics and social media listening & analytics
  • Implement Machine Learning, continuous RPA, process automation & efficiency enhancements, establish business process management (BPM)
  • Integrate Internet of Things, implement facial recognition for auto-attendance, initiate school in a box, education-as-a-service offerings setting examples for other institutions
  • Continuous strengthening of Info Sec perimeters through CASB & End-point detection Enhancements, Secure Device Configurations; implement Password-less Authentication & Behaviour Analytics based Cyber attack prevention