Accelerated Success

One trainee teacher from India has assumed a leadership role after only four years

Back in 2015, Michael Guzder, Vice President—Education, recruited trainee teachers from colleges in India. Our Own English High School, Dubai (OOD) was chosen as one of the schools to place these teachers for training.

Ameda Mascarenhas was one of three trainee teachers who joined OOD and in four years, she has progressed from being a trainee to becoming a senior teacher who was rated as outstanding in lesson delivery. She has now assumed a leadership role as Assistant Supervisor of Grade 9. Here, she tells us more about her journey.

“The key to pursuing excellence
is to embrace an organic, long-term learning process and not to live in a shell of static, safe mediocrity. Usually, growth comes at the expense of previous comfort or safety.”
Josh Waitzkin

This quote by John Waitzkin, a renowned American chess player, has always inspired me to aspire for excellence and become a lifelong learner. My journey with GEMS began in 2015 when I was recruited from St. Xavier’s Institute of Education as a trainee teacher. The GEMS group interviewed three of us from that institute. Ms Vanessa D’silva and Mr Amit Rodrigues and I were flown to the UAE and were placed at GEMS Our Own English High School – Dubai. We were greeted warmly by the Senior Leadership Team.

The first month was our induction period. We were assigned tasks that would not only facilitate our learning but also help us understand the culture of GEMS Education. We quickly picked up good practices from various lesson observations and PD sessions. GEMS facilitates a culture of learning and growth.

After one month, I was recruited to Grade 9 as a social studies teacher. I learned the workings of a senior school. Within one year, I took up the position of UAE Social Studies Coordinator and participated in various school activities. I volunteered for any role that would help me learn something new and was assigned the role of CIFF Coordinator for the school.

This role helped to enhance my communications and collaboration skills. My research skills were enriched when I headed the FACE-TO-FAITH for Grade 9. As the current Tolerance Champion for my grade, I am discovering new strategies to foster and promote tolerance among my pupils.

“To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often…”
Winston Churchill

I include this quote because as a teacher, I am changing because I am improving. I often try out innovative teaching techniques such as peer teaching, simulated lessons and role-play. I learn from my mistakes and am certain that I will change more now that I am the Assistant Supervisor of Grade 9. I would like to conclude with a personal quote: “If you believe teaching is a vocation, GEMS is an ideal place for you.”