World-first in Climate Change Teaching for GEMS

GEMS The Kindergarten Starters has 300 climate change teachers, including the first Arabic teachers in the world to qualify

GEMS Education celebrates the first school in the world to become fully UN Climate Change certified, with 30 senior leaders and all 300 teaching staff, led by Principal Asha Alexander to lead as Climate Change Teachers, accredited by the UN CC:Learn in partnership with Harwood Education.

The course is designed to equip educators across all age groups and disciplines with the knowledge and confidence to deliver lessons on climate change. Students will cover a range of topics including climate change science, gender and environment, children and climate change, cities and climate change and human health.

Asha Alexander, Principal of GEMS The Kindergarten Starters

“By training our teachers to educate children about the impact of climate change, we will enable them to be responsible citizens of the future. Completing this course has given our teachers confidence in their own understanding of the issues and in their position as a UN accredited specialist Climate Change Teacher, to teach children effectively,” said Asha Alexander.

“GEMS is already leading the way in climate change education, which is embedded across our courses, inspiring students and staff to learn about the wide range of issues generated by this pressing global issue. As we prepare to tackle the climate emergency, this is a fantastic opportunity for us to be the first school in the world to fully deliver and support the UN Sustainable Development Goal of having an accredited Climate Change Teacher in every school throughout the UAE,” she added.

All Climate Change Teachers, accredited by the UN CC:Learn in partnership with Harwood Education, are added to the Interactive World Map of Climate Change Teachers and invited to join the ‘educcateglobal’ social site where teachers are building and sharing a cross-curricular climate curriculum based on thousands of lessons and content items designed to ensure children receive the very best ground-breaking lessons on Climate Literacy, Sustainability, the Green Economy, Adaptation and Mitigation and even the Legal Framework of Climate Change set out by the IPCC.

Education specialist Melanie Harwood, of Harwood Education said: “The Principal of GEMS Kindergarten Starters, Asha Alexander, has set the bar high for all schools throughout the UAE and the world. The way that Asha has ensured this is fully delivered throughout Kindergarten Starters is revolutionary and her approach is now the template which we at educcateglobal are asking all Head teachers and education leaders globally to follow closely. We asked for one Climate Change Teacher in every school and GEMS delivered not only that but a Climate Change Teacher in every classroom! This is a ground-breaking approach and we feel strongly that this is the benchmark for every school.”

This move by GEMS Education is also in regional alignment with UAE Government initiatives on sustainability, with regards to the National Environmental Education and Awareness Strategy 2015-2021, in its drive to educate youth to progress the UAE to a sustainable future.

All ancillary and teaching staff and students at GEMS The Kindergarten Starters will continue to be trained further in effective waste management at the school, alongside several other in-school initiatives to be undertaken that will become part of the core curriculum. GEMS The Kindergarten Starters school focuses on and engages with critical contemporary issues, and prioritises humanity and culture. Through engagement with the local community and employing better communication systems, it encourages students to strive to meet the social needs of UAE and the world.