More Ways to Save Money

Vice President of Marketing Sugam Bhasin and Loyalty Manager Shyam Iyer tell us about this year’s new and improved GEMS Rewards App and Programme

Why do we need GEMS Rewards in the education space? The vision of GEMS Rewards is to make quality education more affordable for parents.

We know that to afford the best education for their children, parents make sacrifices in their lives and lifestyles. Through the GEMS Rewards Programme we can make those sacrifices few and far between and give people ways to save on doing the things they love when it comes to leisure, entertainment and travel.

Vice President of Marketing, Sugam Bhasin

Thanks to changes in technology, this new and improved GEMS Rewards App is easier to use and introduces three new categories, giving you more ways to earn points. Users can earn GEMS points by booking flights and hotels and purchasing gift cards on the app and these points can be used to reduce the cost of annual school fees (or further travel bookings and gift card purchases if you are a staff member).

That’s not all either, as most of the offers on the app are non-depleting, members can continue to use them without fear of running out of vouchers. The new app is seamless with an option to login using a one-time password (OTP) sent via email or SMS, doing away with the need to remember passwords.

Members can also now invite as many family and friends as they like to access the app with a simple registration process and each registered family member or friend will receive their own login credentials to access the app.

GEMS Rewards App and Programme
The GEMS Rewards App and Programme has been improved

Key benefits of the GEMS Rewards Programme

  • One platform that includes ‘buy one get one free’ and discount offers allowing members to save money on day-to-day expenses
  • GEMS Ambassador; a referral programme offering a 4% discount off the referred child’s annual tuition fees as GEMS points, which can also be used by the parent to offset their own child’s school tuition or transport fees
  • New opportunities to earn points for parents and staff by booking flights and hotels and purchasing gift cards on the app
  • A co-branded credit card from the First Abu Dhabi Bank offering discounts of up to 4.25% on annual tuition fees as well as the option of converting fees into 12 installments @ 0% interest

Exclusively for GEMS staff

GEMS staff have the unique benefit of not only earning but also redeeming points on flights and hotel bookings, plus gift card purchases.

Loyalty Programme of the Year

GEMS Rewards was awarded a Loyalty Programme of the Year in the Middle East and Africa at this year’s Loyalty Magazine Awards