Revive Gives New Life To Laptops

Support staff at GEMS Modern Academy in Dubai receive the latest batch of refurbished electronics under the initiative.

The Revive initiative at GEMS Modern Academy in Dubai has given new life to 25 laptops and eight watches in its latest round of refurbishments, all of which were handed over to the school’s support staff by the students during a ceremony at the school. The devices were repaired by the student-led Academic and IT Council under supervision of Basheer Ahmad, the school’s assistant engineer for hardware.

The initiative first began in 2017 in partnership with Praxis Advertising in order to reduce electronic waste, lengthen the lifespan of devices and ensure they benefit new owners who might not have the means to own or upgrade such items. In the last two years, 95 disused laptops and 225 mobile phones have been refurbished through this programme.

One of the recipients is Nizam Mudwen, head of office boys at the school, who received a refurbished laptop, which he said will help his daughter complete her studies in computer science in India.

”I feel privileged and honoured to receive the laptop from the Academic and IT Council. It’s been useful for my daughter; she is using it for her further studies. I hope this initiative continues to benefit many people,“ he said.

Keane Moraes, leader of the Academic and IT Council, said all data on the refurbished devices is ”wiped“ and the software completely reinstalled before they are packaged and handed over to support staff. He said it was a privilege for the council members to work for Revive, which benefits the support staff and their families, as well as teaching students new skills.