Ongoing Education

TELLAL addresses just how important continuous professional learning and development is

For many of us, teaching is far more than a career, it is a vocation. It is something that we have immense passion for, and that enthusiasm is consistently displayed in our dedication to our students and the hours and hours of extra time we give to helping them grow. The impact teachers can have on their students often remains with them long into adulthood. Teachers have a truly unique opportunity to shape the characters and lives of students, and encourage their pursuit of greatness.

Today, the educational landscape is evolving at a rapid pace, and new methodologies and innovative technologies are emerging to help us enhance the learning potential within our classrooms, as well as the ways in which our institutions facilitate student development. These advances have also increased the demand for professional learning and development opportunities, so any teacher wishing to do more can learn how best to engage their students and how to grow their career in order to lead
and inspire others.

Accessible Advancement

Luckily for teachers within GEMS, they can access some truly amazing professional learning and development opportunities incredibly easily through the TELLAL Institute. TELLAL was established in 2016 here in the UAE by teachers for teachers. If you haven’t come across TELLAL yet, the acronym stands for Teacher Learning and Leadership for All, with emphasis on the philosophy ’for all’. It reflects their inclusive approach to growing teacher and leadership talent. That is why TELLAL exists for one purpose only: to improve the quality of teaching and leadership in schools.

Through its dynamic development of dual English and Arabic programmes, supported by innovative technology, TELLAL trains and develops teachers and school leaders to an international standard, meeting the growing global demand for quality learning and decisive leadership in schools.

Working closely with GEMS schools, TELLAL has developed workshops and training programmes that are designed to meet the needs of teachers and deliver unrivalled levels of support and guidance. If you are interested in exploring the many opportunities offered by TELLAL’s Professional Learning and Development (PLD) courses, you will have help at every step.

All GEMS teachers can access the TELLAL training calendar via Phoenix on the GEMS portal. There, you can view the full range of programmes running for the year and obtain information about the key objectives covered, the details of the trainer, and the target audience. Once you have identified the course that is right for you, you can register your interest online and your school’s Professional Learning and Development Leader (PLDL) will be notified. The PLDL role is unique to GEMS schools and is designed to facilitate direct links between TELLAL and teachers in schools.

As part of the TELLAL extended team, they can offer advice and guidance on the most suitable courses for your point of need. They can also connect you with the relevant Subject Network Leader so you can engage in a professional learning community that is specific and relevant to your area of expertise and interest.

Training for Tomorrow

Through TELLAL, you can access a wide range of continuous Professional Learning and Development courses, no matter your level or area of expertise: discover how to make a difference for your students and the next generation by progressing through the TELLAL Leadership Academy, which offers programmes from teacher leadership through to systems leadership, or enhance your teaching skills through one of the postgraduate qualifications offered in partnership with Liverpool Hope University (UK).

TELLAL also offers specialist professional development programmes in areas such as Special Educational Needs, Digital Blended Learning, Arabic Learning and Parental Engagement. One of TELLAL’s longest running and most popular programmes is the Train the Trainer (TTT) two-day training.

Arming expert teachers with the knowledge and skills to train other teachers reflects TELLAL’s capacity-building approach to professional development that ensures there are always new opportunities for all teachers. This year more than 100 GEMS teachers have attended TELLAL’s TTT with the aim that each participating teacher shares his or her ideas, passion and classroom practice with others. This will provide a rich and varied calendar of training for the academic year 2019-20 which you, as a GEMS teacher, have full access to.

Professional learning and development training really can make a huge difference, not only for your career, but in the way you influence and inspire others. You can opt to take courses that will enhance your teaching capabilities, broaden your skill set, and expand your knowledge of innovative practices that could drastically improve the learning potential of your students.

You can also choose to enrol on a course that will help you develop into a mentor, a trainer of other teachers or a leader within your institution. Perhaps you could even channel that growth into shaping the ethos and direction of your school for the better.

If you have a passion, imagine what sharing that with others could do? Imagine where a Professional Learning and Development course could take you and your career.