Quality Assurance Programme

The Quality Assurance Programme is a new initiative being piloted in some of our schools. The aim of the programme is to provide more regular and consistent communication to parents so that we can better understand their needs and identify issues early.

We already give GEMS Education students a personalised learning experience and we want to extend this to deliver a more personalised service to GEMS parents so that they can be more involved in their child’s education and progress.

“Great communication is one of the hallmarks of a great school. The Quality Assurance Programme looks to take communication to a truly outstanding level, providing personalised channels of communication that aid a positive and open relationship between the school and its families. At GEMS FirstPoint School we are already seeing the benefits of this programme, with parents appreciating the opportunity to discuss their child and the benefits there are to attending a GEMS School. Parent feedback has been positive with many reporting that they feel more valued and part of the learning journey their child is on. As a school, we are getting an even better understanding of our students and we can therefore provide even better support in maximising the progress every child makes with us,” said Matthew Tompkins, Principal / CEO, GEMS FirstPoint School.

Darryl Bloud, Executive Principal, GEMS Heritage Indian School & Vice President — Schools, added that while life at Heritage revolves around the child, the essence of being a good teacher is to understand the child and know his strengths and skills and bring out their true potential. “The core responsibility of every school leader is to ensure parents play a vital role in the life of a school. What the Quality Assurance Programme does is to create important links between the school, it’s parents and their children. It is my view that there is no better person to provide this vital link than the child’s teacher.”


  • Support the successful implementation of the QA Programme and resultant QAE Framework through high quality, situational and online training (initial and continuous)
  • Make clear the mandated expectations, benefits and incentives
  • Help make sense of the three key principals underpinning the approach to “quality assurance”: accountability; professional autonomy and trust
  • Develop a shared understanding of the SLT and teachers’ role in enhancing teacher-parent communications in their local context through: the creation of efficiencies and effectiveness of existing practices; and consideration being given to more creative and innovative ways of working i.e. “doing things better” vs “doing better things”
  • Support SLT and teachers in building trust-based relationships, through which experimentation, innovation, and shared learning occurs


  • To explicitly value the central role that teachers play in sustaining relationships with parents and children
  • To enable GEMS teachers to align their work and that of their school with GEMS Education’s wider goals and values
  • To empower GEMS teachers; through valuing their central role and their active participation in designing and agreeing a local, school/cluster-based response to ensuring successful teacher parent communications
  • To further incentivise teachers to play a more active role by becoming Ambassadors of their school
  • To roll-out training across all schools (face-to-face, online, simulation)

Teacher Ambassadors


The GEMS Teacher Ambassador Programme is our way of saying thank you to teachers who actively promote and advocate for their school and GEMS as a whole. This tiered inventive programme is based on the number of successful student referrals garnered by teachers over the course of an academic year. For each referred child successfully enrolled in a GEMS school, the referring GEMS teacher receives 4% of that child’s annual tuition fees paid in cash.

referral process