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Will AI Replace Us? – Shelly Fan
This well-balanced, comprehensive and engaging review surveys the development of Artificial Intelligence over the last 60 years and highlights the likely transformative effects of AI on society over the next few decades.
Available from: Virgin Megastore
Price: AED79

Baristas guide to coffee

The Curious Barista’s Guide to Coffee – Tristan Stephenson
This is the ultimate guide to the history, science, and cultural influence of coffee according to coffee aficionado and master storyteller Tristan Stephenson. You’ll explore the origins of coffee before discovering the varieties of coffee and the alchemy responsible for transforming a humble bean into one of the world’s most popular drinks.
Available from: Virgin Megastore
Price: AED59


Toby web

Toby and the Falcon – Christiana Gonzalez

Toby and The Falcon follows Toby the travelling toy poodle’s journey in becoming an internationally-minded global pup when he makes a move from the USA to the UAE. The first book in the series addresses the fears and worries most families face when relocating to a new country, such as making new friends, dealing with a possible language barrier, and missing friends and family. Toby meets an unlikely companion on his journey who helps to ease his worries with words of wisdom and friendly advice.
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Price: AED70






Haqq Al-laila

Haqq Al-laila by Enas Meatermawi
Haqq- Al-Laila is a cultural tradition that the countries of the Gulf practised back in the day for the joy of young children and adults. During the night in the middle of Sha’baan children wear their best clothes and go around the houses in the neighbourhood before the Maghrib Prayer to collect candy and nuts in bags called Kharayet. They also say special chants for this occasion. Haqq-Al- Laila remains to be a continued tradition to this day to assure the connection between society and its cultural traditions. The book explores this rich cultural tradition and how it is celebrated.
Available from: Abdul Raheem at Marayah Publishing House (055 624 1269)
Price: AED20


Power of Now

The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle
The present changes the past, therefore there is no better time than the present. As a person who takes a keen interest in knowing the value of philosophy, I would recommend Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now to anyone who wants to move past pain, stress, and anxiety with the help of ancient teachings and modern thought designed to balance your life by living in the moment. If you are a person who can’t get out of their own head and is waiting for happiness to come to you, this book is for you.
– Shaima Gourh, Media Teacher, Cambridge International School — Dubai

The Skillful Teacher

The Skillful Teacher on Technique, Trust, and Responsiveness in the Classroom – Stephen D. Brookfield
We all agree with the fact that teaching is not easy. The moments we spend in our classroom are best known to us if we become reflective teachers. I would recommend this book because of the fascinating tips and advice it offers to both novice and experienced teachers. The activities and strategies he shares are hands-on and engaging and accommodate 21st Century skills.
– Diana Wilson, Secondary English Teacher, Cambridge International School — Dubai