Defying Gravity

GEMS Rewards team host staff event at BOUNCE.

On Tuesday, 30 April the first ever GEMS Rewards Staff Night was held at both the Dubai and Abu Dhabi venues of BOUNCE, as one of the many benefits of the GEMS Rewards Programme. GEMS Education staff came out in force to see what was on offer.

Arriving at BOUNCE, they were greeted by a party atmosphere: a live DJ, BOUNCE Tribe performing and teaching new skills, lights flashing, and pizza on offer for them to refuel. In the course of a few short hours, there were first-time jumpers feeling the thrill of free fall, experienced trampolinists showing their moves in the performance area, speed demons racing through the X Park, and fitness freaks sweating it out in a BOUNCE Fit Class.

Laughter came from every corner. No matter what skill level each person had, they had an amazing time and, hopefully, improved their abilities while they were there. The BOUNCE Tribe was there every step of the way to ensure that everyone was safe and having an amazing time. One of the highlights from the night was the impromptu team slam dunk contest.