Bye Bye, Bottles

The first initiative by GREEN GEMS was to phase out 500ml plastic bottles by the end of March from all offices and by the end of May 2019 from all schools within the UAE.

Ramsey Jouzy

The bottle reduction drive went smoothly with centralised control, and it could be monitored quite easily. The announcement at schools received plenty of positive feedback, and some schools had already taken the initiative to do it themselves. Green initiatives have always been on GEMS Education’s radar, said Ramsey Jouzy, Vice President-Procurement, Varkey Group & GEMS Global, adding that the students are very in tune with what they would like to see in the world once they graduate.

“They help to inspire us on initiatives, we help to inspire them by showing action, by showing them that we are listening, by showing that we are putting things in place that are in line with their expectations,”said Ramsey. This reinforces the message that education is not always about curricula, it’s also about being aware of the environment and surroundings adapting to that, learning from that, and showing others how they can actually achieve their goals — which goes hand in hand with what GEMS Education is about in providing quality education for all.

Without giving too much away, Ramsey said in the future GEMS Education will touch upon all major areas where successful contributions can be made, with further initiatives on plastics, paper, energy, and water.

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