A Guide to Amazing Social Media Content


  • They must be focused, good-quality pictures that are either square or rectangular with good light exposure.
  • Light exposure must be balanced. There should not be too much sun, white glare, or blurriness.
  • They must have context! A photo tells a story and should set the context of the activity/event/ accomplishment being communicated. This could be done by students faces, a student group shot, a student next to his/her project, a student with his/her award, or students doing a certain activity at an event.
  • Make sure to share the original photos – not screenshots or compressed, saved versions.
  • Ensure all students photographed/or in a video are in full school uniform.
  • The no-photo students should not be included in any photography or videography. If you are unsure about the student on this list, please contact school PRE.
  • Students and staff/teachers should not be in direct physical contact or in a pose that could be misinterpreted. Consider a child safeguarding point of view.


  • Avoid posting pictures of other materials such as posters or flyers. You can share a simple visual with minimal text and a catchy image as an alternative.
  • Content from third-party service providers should be avoided as it is considered marketing/ promotional content. If you must raise awareness about an event/information that they are providing create a simple school branded post instead.
  • Please provide short write-ups about content that you share, this could be a very basic and informative two lines about the event/subject/accomplishment.
  • If you have any major school events that go beyond impacting the immediate community, make sure to let the PRE know well ahead of time so they can notify GEMS School Support Centre to provide the necessary support, such as videography, photography, PR, or social media.


  • The shorter the better. One minute is ideal for Instagram and Facebook.
  • Make sure the video is of good audio and visual quality. Avoid shaky shots when taking the video. l Light exposure must be balanced in videos.
  • The content of the video should also set the context of the post. If it is a video about a football match it should show the players playing and celebrating, not showing a view of an empty football field and no action.
  • The video should be shot horizontally, especially if you’re using your phone. Make sure the rotation/screen lock is switched off. l Share the original video file, not a YouTube link or any link of where the video has been already uploaded.