Train the Trainer with TELLAL

TELLAL strives to facilitate the positive evolution of educational standards within the UAE, and beyond.

We understand the vital role education plays in the development and growth of children and future generations. By consistently striving to give our students the best, we can hope to inspire them to be their best selves and to find their role in the world. Education is a tool which fosters tolerance, understanding, a thirst for learning and, of course, potential. That is why it is so important for all our TELLAL programmes and initiatives to be centred around this overall vision.

At TELLAL we use collaboration, integration and research to develop courses that will create new teachers and expand existing skill sets. We believe in working with passionate people from all walks of life to find innovation solutions and creative approaches that will drive educational knowledge forward. Our Train the Trainer programme is a fantastic example of how we have been able to fuse partnerships and expert knowledge into a course that teaches individuals how to properly train others in a particular area; the ripple-effect benefits of which are endless.

Inside Train the Trainer

The TELLAL Train the Trainer (TTT) initiative was designed to identify and share the talent and expertise that currently exists in our schools. It is the ideal choice for teachers who have a passion to share their expertise and want to learn about the method and theory behind adult learning – andragogy. It is an opportunity for individuals to participant more readily in the growth of their institution and colleagues, as well as drive knowledge of a specific skill or educational function that they feel could make a difference. The participants will be supported in designing their own training workshop in order to share their best practice with others. This unique approach is part of TELLAL’s ethos of supporting self-improving school systems by celebrating the existing talent within our schools and providing them with an effective platform from which this expertise and techniques can be shared and leveraged.

The course includes two days of face-to-face training that is offered in either Arabic or English. Participants have the opportunity to absorb expert advice and training across our bespoke objectives in order to develop their own skills. At the end they will design their own training workshop which will be assessed by a TELLAL Quality Assurer. They will then be able to apply for TELLAL accreditation, which includes an accreditation document with feedback and collective reflections before their course is added to our calendar of personal development training.

Case studies: From Trainee to Trainer

To give a more in-depth idea of what is involved in the course and the type of experience you might have, we have spoken with some of our newly graduated trainers about their thoughts on the programme. Following their workshop deliveries, they have shared their reflections, as well as the feedback from the TELLAL Quality Assurer and the participants, all of which will demonstrate how the course aims to encourage others to share their knowledge and ideas with a much wider audience, in the most effective manner.

After completing her Train the Trainer course, Kate Wolff spent several months researching and preparing to deliver her workshop on ‘Launching Literacy in the Early Years’. Knowing the importance of effective engagement in early years education, she specifically wanted to include activities that would enhance the classroom schedule and help develop a thirst for reading. One participant remarked that the session was extremely “practical and helpful; I can go back to my classroom and start implementing everything that I learned today to help my students become more successful.” Kate was able to draw on her lessons by making the objectives of the training more indepth as the participants progressed, mirroring the moves up the rung of Bloom’s taxonomy. At the end of the session, the Quality Assurer concluded that it was great to see all participants engaged and have a real sense that each and every one of them felt they would be helped by these techniques.

As a devoted teacher of Arabic, it was only natural that Habiba Hamdan channelled her experience on the course into a workshop on ‘Enhancing Speaking in Arabic as a First Language’. Having thoroughly absorbed the lessons from Train the Trainer, Habiba confidently delivered a strong training session with extensive preparation and appropriately used resources. She had clearly defined objectives and used digital technology to stimulate discussions. By circulating throughout the workshop, she was able to make sure each of the participants felt supported and engaged, as well as giving them useful tools with which to apply their newfound knowledge and skills.

Raisa Khan opted to build a workshop on a very important subject, ‘Differentiation in the Classroom’. Using the skills learned, the workshop was designed to be an open forum in which participants could share their experiences and ask questions. This method brought everyone together in a classroomlike situation and facilitated learning that was authentic, relevant, challenging and significant. As well as sharing their own useful experiences, participants also learnt valuable lessons, such as learning menu’s, which they could use in their differentiation strategy. Overall Raisa’s workshop properly utilised the TTT training by ensuring that all the activities were tailored to the requirements of each of the participants, expanding the potential for learning, engagement and retention.

TELLAL’s Train the Trainer could be just the right course to help you make a difference. If you have an experience or skill set that could be helpful, or a subject you would like to share your passion and ideas for, the course can help you find the best way to communicate and teach others, so that your ideas can flourish. At TELLAL we can help you be the change you wish to see in the world and give you the tools to spread your message and collaborate with others.


There are seven key learning objectives behind our Train the Trainer programme, all of which are designed to maximise the effectiveness of the course and prepare participants for their own journeys into leading and mentoring others. Those objectives are:

  • Share methods to establish consistency in the TELLAL approach to training
  • Understand adults as learners and the most effective methods
  • Prepare and plan an appropriate and contextualised session
  • Create a training session that includes effective learning strategies and activities that will cover participants’ needs
  • Ensure that resources, materials and facilities are used effectively when planning and delivering the training
  • Analyse and evaluate trainer skills
  • Ensure participants understand the expectations of the TELLAL Trainer Accreditation Process

If you are interested to learn more, please contact TELLAL Institute at +971 (04) 403 5146