Feeling Good

Cambridge International School — Dubai (CIS) has found several creative ways to bring the staff together in an environment that fosters fun, teamwork, and artistic expression.

The school has tasked its well-being team to develop initiatives for specific days to bring CIS together as a family. Each staff member has a branded T-shirt to wear on these well-being days to promote stronger working relationships and keep staff morale high.

Planned activities include team-building exercises, yoga classes, and athletic competitions, as well as celebrating specific days marked on the UAE calendar throughout the year. Hard work and helping hands are recognised. The school has a designated ‘Shout Out’ board, where staff members can show their appreciation any team member who has helped them or done something positive for the school. This creates positive attitudes and a supportive community.

The team can also get their creative juices flowing by painting and crafting photo frames to celebrate different events throughout the year or to tell stories, as well as to celebrate many different cultures and holidays. CIS is dedicated to ongoing improvement as well as boosting staff happiness. The designated suggestion box is where team members can leave their ideas for consideration.