Brought to the Forefront

We speak to Mohan Anurada Elesinghe, Support Staff, GEMS Millennium School – Sharjah (GMS), whose dedication to his work has made featuring him as this issue’s unsung hero the clear choice.

How long have you been at GEMS Education and what is your role?
I joined GEMS Millennium School – Sharjah (GMS) in 2012. In the morning I fill all the coolers around the school then I go to the security cabin and help scan the ID cards of all the students and the teachers who come to school with their own transport. Next, I deep clean the reception area. I have been responsible for keeping that area clean for five years and I don’t like one speck of dirt in it.

What opportunities has GEMS Education given you?
When I started at this school seven years ago, I was a conductor and did miscellaneous jobs. Now I have specific responsibilities that have been given to me and I’m happy because this school is like my family and I love my work here. This interview is another opportunity because I feel that my work has spoken for itself. I am grateful because I feel recognised and now I have this opportunity to be at the forefront. I can see that the work I am doing has value.

I feel like I can overcome anything, and everything is possible. — Mohan Anurada Elesinghe

Who inspires you?
I can’t think of any one person that inspires me. But when I see everybody going about their work at the school, I want to do my work just as well. Because I work in reception, I can see everyone and I just want to continue being a part of it. What do you enjoy most about working at GMS? I enjoy being responsible for keeping the reception area spotless because that is the first place that parents or other visitors see when they enter the school. It motivates me to work hard and I enjoy interacting with everyone. We’re like a family, I feel like I can approach and speak to anyone in the school. I feel like I can overcome anything, and everything is possible.

“Mohan Anurada Elesinghe works tirelessly ensuring that the cleanliness of the school is maintained throughout the day. Never the one to say ‘No’, Mohan sees to it that the tasks assigned to him are completed with precision. According to Mohan, it’s the feeling of oneness that inspires him to give his best in whatever he does and that is really what makes him the unsung hero. He does not work for accolades but for a sense of satisfaction that his work makes a difference.” — Vinita Gupta, Headmistress, GEMS Millennium School — Sharjah