Bracing for the Future of Disruption

To prepare for a future of accelerated change, Rohan Roberts, Innovation Leader, GEMSX, discusses Future Talks Sessions, and what they offer teachers and students.

In a world of rapid change, several technologies are upending all sectors of society, including education and the GEMSX Futuretalks series aims to highlight the impact of exponential technologies and encourage discussions on how we can adapt.

The GEMSX Future Talks sessions have focused on topics related to innovation, education, exponential tech, and preparing for the future. Previous sessions focused on analysing a taxonomy of artificial intelligence where the discussion focused on the impact that smart agents and cognification of technology – the process of making systems smarter and smarter by integrating sensors and building software/artificial intelligence into them.

“The Q&A and discussions after the talks allows the audience to have interactions with students and teachers from the various GEMS Education schools and engage in conversations about the future and about the impact of accelerating change on education,” said Rohan.

Any teachers who would like to get their students involved with the GEMSX Future Talks can speak to their innovation leaders.